WAHI needs your 2015 award nominations

We need you to submit your award nomination for 2015 so they can be reviewed by committee before this years conference. You may view the online award form and submit or print out a form to scan or mail.


All awards should be nominated by active members, with an application to be filed with the Awards Committee. The application may be submitted anytime but remember the Awards are presented at the yearly conference so timely applications are important. 

The application will then be evaluated by the Awards Committee for completeness and authenticity. Recommendations will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval. All awards will be presented at the next annual conference by the President or a designee.


Death Investigator of the Year - Awarded to the member that goes above and beyond normal duty in a death investigation, or contributes greatly beyond the normal scope to the area of death investigations.

President's Award - Awarded to the member who is instrumental in the association and performs duties of exceptional nature for the Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators.

Medal of Honor Award - Awarded to a member for bravery beyond that of the members normal duties which subjected the member to a risk of personal injury or death.

Meritorious Service Award - Awarded to a group of members or a team of investigators from a department or from assisting departments who demonstrates the highest degree of professionalism in their respective positions during an investigation or during a multi jurisdictional investigation.

Distinguished Service Award - Awarded to a member who is about to retire from the law enforcement profession and has shown the highest degree of professionalism during that member's career.

Public Service Award - Awarded to an associate member or non-member in appreciation and recognition for assisting law enforcement in such a manner that was highly instrumental in the conclusion of a death investigation.

W.A.H.I. Memorial - Awarded to the family of a member who passed. Also the member's name would be added to the Association's Official memorial plaque.

Prosecutor of the Year - Given to a prosecutor in recognition for service performed on a single case or for their entire body of work.