Nomination Form DEADLINE for submission is Friday in February 28th at 4:00pm. Hard copy in lieu of Webform can be mailed to S/A Shane Heiser ~ C/O DCI ATTN: Shane Heiser at 327 N 17th Ave. Suite 101, Wausau, WI 54401.

When completing form prior to submission be certain to, describe the event(s) and/or reason(s) that you have nominated the named member. Please be as specific as possible. Include the date(s) of event in the narrative portion.  Attach reports, newspaper articles or other documentation that will assist the Awards Committee and the Board of Directors in determining what awards should be approved and rewarded.


All awards should be nominated by active members, with an application to be filed with the Awards Committee. The applicantion may be submitted anytime but remember the Awards are presented at the yearly conference so timely applications are important. Nominations from non-members may be considerded. 

The application will then be evaluated by the Awards Committee for completeness and authenticity. Recommendations will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval. All awards will be presented at the next annual conference by the President or a designee.


WAHI-Wall Of Honor

Medal Of Honor

  • 2001 District Attorney Dan Blank Douglas County
  • 2002 Detective Alfonso Morales Milwaukee Police Department
  • 2005 Patrolman Robert Michalski Oak Creek Police Department
  • 2015 Lieutenant Brian Murphy Oak Creek Police Department
  • 2017 Andrew hopfensperger- Antigo Police Department
  • 2018 DetectiveSgt. Jason Weiland - Everest Metro Police Department
  • 2019 Matt Earl - Dane Co. Sheriff's Office
  • 2019 Dave Lambrecht - Dane Co. Sheriff's Office
  • 2019 Tyler Loether - Middleton Police Department
  • 2019 Rich O'Conner - Middleton Police Department
  • 2020 Oshkosh Police Officer Michael Wissink

WAHI Memorial Award

  • 2014 Tom Lind; Green Bay PD
  • 2015 Dr. Robert Huntington


Michael Vendola Death Investigator of the Year Award

  • 1997 SA Richard Luell WI DOJ DCI
  • 1998 Deputy Craig Bates Marinette County Sheriff's Office
  • 1999 Detective Linda Draeger Madison Police Department
  • 2000 Sheriff Randy Hoenisch Marathon County Sheriff's Office
  • 2001 Lieutenant Charlie Jones Wausau Police Department
  • 2002 SA Michael Vendola WI DOJ DCI
  • 2003 Sergeant Russell Cragin Dunn County Sheriff's Office
  • 2004 Investigator John Hanrahan Racine County Sheriff's Office
  • 2005 Investigator Mark Sorenson Racine Police Department
  • 2006 Lieutenant Paul Larson Hudson Police Department
  • 2007 Captain Chad LaLor Superior Police Department
  • 2008 Sheriff Gerald Pagel Calumet County Sheriff's Office
  • 2009 Detective Michael Banaszynski Walworth County Sheriff's Office
  • 2010 Investigator Randy Georgeson Juneau County Sheriff's Office
  • 2011 Detective Lt. Wayne Smith Columbia County Sheriff's Office 
  • 2012 Detective David Johnson Chippewa Falls Police Department
  • 2013
  • 2014 Chris Moews Milwaukee Police Department
  • 2015 S/A Michael Sasse DCI-WI
  • 2016 Detective Jennifer Holz Wausau Police Department
  • 2017 Investigator Christopher Hammen - Outagamie County Sheriff's Office
  • 2018 Brad Linzmeier
  • 2019 Tom Baudhuin - Sturgeon Bay PD
  • 2020 Muskego Police Detective Steve Westphal


Meritorious Service Awards

  • 1999- Lacrosse Conference- 

"Jane Doe" Wausau, Multi-jurisdictional Task Force, Wausau Police Department and Marathon County Sheriff's Department-

Lt. Charles Jones, Lt. Paul Jicinsky, Lt. Greg Hagenbucher, Lt. Gary Spatz, Det. Peter Weckwerth, Det. Charles Knapp, Det. Robert Obermier, Det. Bryan Hilts, Det Terrence Morris, Det. Lisa Rennie, Det. Mary Wogernese, Det. William Kolb, Deputy David Rudie, Deputy Jeremy Buss, Officer Jennifer Schreiber, Officer Kevin Cornell, Officer Cord Buckner, Officer Jeff Sleeter, Officer Maureen Bower, Officer Paul Pistoky, Officer Frederick Peters, Civilian Jayne Wood, Civilian Linda Turk, Civilian Mary Jordan.

  • 2000- Oconomowoc Conference-

Special Agent Rick Luell, WI DOJ DCI

  • 2000- Oconomowoc Conference-

Milwaukee Police Department Homicide Unit

  • 2001- Oshkosh Conference- "Latin Kings" Federal Task Force-

Special Agent Michael Kraft, Milwaukee FBI; Chief Rob Dams, Greendale PD; Detective Dave Klabunde, Milwaukee PD

  • 2001- Oshkosh Conference- Long Term Effectiveness-

Green Bay Detective Unit

  • 2001- Oshkosh Conference- "Campos Case"-

Cook County IL Forest Preserve PD

  • 2002- Wisconsin Dells Conference- "Operation One Deuce"- 

Special Agent Gene La Place, FBI; James Dobbs, David Smetana, Alan Herriot, Chris Larson, Jon Soderberg, Mark Barrows, Mark Tharinger, Racine Police Department; Brian Londre, John Hanrahan, Racine County Sheriff's Department.

  • 2002- Wisconsin Dells Conference- Beth Kutz Homicide

Kevin Heimerl, Columbia County Sheriff's Department; William Searis, Dane County Sheriff's Department; James Petzborn, DeForest Police Department

  • 2003- Wausau Conference- "Peterson Homicide"-

Racine Police Department

  • 2003- Wausau Conference-

Brown County Sheriff's Investigations Bureau

  • 2004- LaCrosse Conference- "George Moore Homicide"-

Assistant District Attorney Richard Chiapete, Racine County; Special Agent Eric Szatkowski, WI DOJ DCI

  • 2004- LaCrosse Conference- "Shannon Van Dynehoven Homicide"-

Chief John Manion, Lieutenant Kevin Shepardson, Kaukauna Police Department

  • 2004- LaCrosse Conference- "Bobby Mayotte Homicide"-

Detective Greg BeBeau, Ashland Police Department; Sergeant Ken Johnson, Ashland County Sheriff's Department

  • 2004- LaCrosse Conference- "Serial Arsonist Case"-

Wausau Police Department; Marathon County Sheriff's Department

  • 2005- Green Lake Conference- "Megan and Nancy Mason Homicide"-

Alfonso Morales, Eric Dillman, Jon Oswoski, Mark Walton, Jason Smith- Milwaukee Police Department Criminal Investigation Unit

  • 2005- Green Lake Conference- "Lonnie Cummins Homicide"-

Edward Wall, Ty Krugmanh, Bradley Ruff, Gary Martine- Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation

  • 2005- Green Lake Conference- "Zong Vang Homicide"-

Steve Darm, Glenn Deviley- Green Bay Police Department

  • 2005- Green Lake Conference- "Jennifer L. Judge Homicide"-

Peter Helein- Appleton Police Department; Glenn Schaepe- Oneida County Sheriff's Department

  • 2006- Green Bay Conference- "O'Connell/ Ellison Homicide"-

Detective Sergeant Ed Rankin, Detective Jeffrey Knopps, Detective Shawn Pettee- Hudson Police Department

  • 2006- Green Bay Conference- "Chia Vang Spree Murder"-

Investigator Gary Gillis- Sawyer County Sheriff's Department; Special Agent John Christopherson, Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation

  • 2007- Appleton Conference- "Meyer Homicide"-

Detective Steven Anderson, Detective Ann Golombowski and Detective Joel Bateman, Oak Creek Police Department

  • 2007- Appleton Conference- "Christine Rudy Homicide"-

Clark County Sheriff's Office, Chippewa County Sheriff's Office, Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation

  • 2007- Appleton Conference- "Pfeil Homicide"-

SA Kim Skorlinski, Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation, Chief Dean Meyer, Ladysmith Police Department, Chief Deputy Gary Hahn, Rusk County Sheriff's Department, District Attorney Kathleen Pakes, Rusk County and Assistant Attorney General Thomas Fallon, Wisconsin Department of Justice.

  • 2008-Eau Claire Conference- "Teresa Halbach Homicide"-

DA Kenneth Kratz, Calumet County, DA Mark Rohrer and ADA Michael Griesbach, Manitowoc County, SA Tom Fassbender, Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation, Ms. Julie Levernz, Victim Witness Specialist, Calumet County District Attorney's Office, Trooper Tim Austin, Wisconsin State Patrol, Sgt Mark Wiegert, Calumet County Sheriff's Department.

  • 2009- Lake Geneva Conference-

Capt Scott Sleeter, Det Sgt. Dennis Halkoski, Det. Sgt. Steve Meilahn, Everest Metro Police Department 

  • 2010- Wisconsin Rapids Conference

Det. Lt. Mark Hahn, Lt. Tom Moore, Det. Klaude Thompson, Officer Teresa Johnson, Portage Police Department

  • 2011- Sheboygan Conference

Chief Ed Baumann, Det Craig Drummy, Det Matt Carney, Village of Pewaukee Police Department; SA David Spakowicz, Wisconisn Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation; SA Ellen Roy, United States Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Admininstration; Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, Dan Sanders. 

  • 2011- Sheboygan Conference

Detective James Hensley, Detective Michael Sarenac, Detective Kathy Spano, Det. Gilbert Hernandez and Detective David Chavez, Milwaukee Police Department. 

  • 2012-Wisconsin Dells Conference

Detective Justin Carloni, Detective Keith Kopcha, Detective Katherine Spano, Detective Gilbert Hernandez, Detective Erik Villareal and Lt. Keith Balash-Milwaukee Police Department

  • 2013-Wisconsin Dells Conference

Special Agent (retired) James Ohm-DCI, Brent  Bratley-Bayfield County

  • 2014-Appleton Paper Valley Conference

Brad Kust-Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and Keith Johnson-Oconto Sheriff's office

  • 2015 Kalahari/ Wisconsin Dells Conference

Chief of Police Hayley Saalsaa -Argyle PD, SAC Jesse Crowe -DCI, S/A Mike Reimer -DCI, S/A James Sielehr -DCI, S/A William Boswell -DCI, S/A Brad Montgomery -DCI, S/A Lourdes Fernandez -DCI, S/A Amy Lehmann -DCI, S/A Dorinda Freymiller -DCI, S/A James Pertzborn -DCI, S/A Benjamin Poller -DCI, S/A Lisa Wilson -DCI, S/A Michael Quick -ATF, Electrical Engineer Mike Keller -ATF

  • 2015 Kalahari/ Wisconsin Dells Conference

Lt. William Kolb, Detective Cord Buchner, Detective Jennifer Holz, Jamie Henrichs (Court Diversion Program Coordinator)

  • 2016 Kalahari/ Wisconsin Dells Conference

Captain Jason Melby-LaCrosse Police Department,Captain Shawn Kudron-LaCrosse Police Department, Special Agent Joseph Welsch-Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation, Special Agent Vern Vandeberg-Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation

Detective Sergeant-Brian Zohimsky-Rhinelander Police Department,Detective Sergeant-Josh Chiamulera-Rhinelander Police Department

Chief Kurt Heuer-Wisconsin Rapids Police Department, Detective Sergeant Phyllis Wesener-Wisconsin Rapids Police Department, Detective Sergeant Tad Wetterau-Wisconsin Rapids Police Department, Detective Greg Eisberner-Wisconsin Rapids Police Department,Detective Lieutenant Julie Buerger-Wisconsin Rapids Police Department

Detective Sergeant Joshua Ostrowski-Portage County Sheriff’s Office, Detective Sergeant Gary Koehmstedt-Portage County Sheriff’s Office

  • Special Agent David Forsythe-Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation, Special Agent Kim Skorlinski-Wisconsin Division of Criminal 

2017 - American Club - Kohler, WI

  • Detective Clay Tester - Monroe County Sheriff's Office
  • Investigator Robert Walensky - Tomah Police Department

2018 - Kalahari - Wisconsin Dells, WI

  • John Zimmerman, Fritz Leinfelder, John Siegel, Mark Yehle, Rich Amundsen, Joe Welsch and the Madison Crime Laboratory

2019 - American Club - Kohler, WI

Jon Hauser - Federal Bureau of Investigation

Jeff Nelson - Barron County Sheriff's Office

Jay Olson - Barron County Sheriff's Office

Joe Welsch - Wisconsin Department of Justice - Division of Criminal Investigation

2020 - No Conference due to Covid 19

Ozaukee County Sheriff Jim Johnson

Ozaukee County Undersheriff Jeff Taylor – Retired

Ozaukee County Detective Scott Heller

WI DOJ/DCI Special Agent Neil McGrath

Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory Forensic Scientist Dan Campbell

Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory

FBI Forensic Genetic Genealogy Team

President's Award

  • 1997- 
  • 1998- George White- Milwaukee County SO
  • 1999- 
  • 2000- 
  • 2001- David St. John- Superior Police Department
  • 2002- Andre' Andreassin- Oak Creek Police Department
  • 2003- Steve Daniels and Robert Fusfeld, WI DOC
  • 2004- Shawn Haney- Dane County Sheriff's Department
  • 2005- Rick Luell- WI Department of Justice, DCI
  • 2006- Steve Daniels- WI Department of Corrections
  • 2007- Robert Quant- Oshkosh Police Department (Ret.)
  • 2008- Shawn Haney- Deforest Police Department
  • 2009- Robert Malasuk- Greeendale Police Department
  • 2009- Edward Anderson- Douglas County Sheriff's Department
  • 2010- Charles Flad- University of Wisconsin Madison Police Department 
  • 2011- James C. Holmes- WI Department of Justice, DCI
  • 2012- Dana Ackman Walworth County SD and Shawn Haney
  • 2013-
  • 2014- Erik Goth, Janesville Police Department
  • 2015- Wayne Smith, Columbia County Sheriff's Office
  • 2016- Kurt Meyer, Racine Police Department
  • 2017- Ann Golombowski - Oak Creek Police Department
  • 2018- Shannon Illingworth
  • 2019- Chris Byars and Janice Cada
  • 2020 - Wayne Smith


Distinguished Service Award

(For years of outstanding service to your community and exceptional performance regarding death investigations)

  • 2002- Charley Jones
  • 2006- Steve Daniels
  • 2006- Charles Petersen
  • 2006- Al Van Houte
  • 2009- Martin Altstadt
  • 2010- Kim Skorlinski
  • 2011- Thomas Fassbender
  • 2011- John Christopherson 
  • 2012- Wolfgang Nitsch
  • 2017 - David Forsythe, Gene Schnagle, Joseph Krieg, David Miller
  • 2018 - Jay Yerges
  • 2019 - Dana Ackman

Public Service Award

  • 2003- Warden Daniel Bertrand, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Green Bay Correctional Institution
  • 2006- Liz Paape, Tom Martin and Sara Deuchart- In appreciation of your partnership during this annual conference, dated this 30th day of March, 2006 
  • 2007- John Lofy- Computer Programer- In appreciation of your years of partnership with the Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators
  • 2007- Det. John McKenzie (Ret)- In appreciation of your dedicated work in the Clemmons homicide case 
  • 2007- Carla Robinson- In appreciation for your assistance with the Scobie-Brunner Homicide. 
  • 2009- Tristin L. Smith and Megan M. Volzka
  • 2010- Warden Casey Krueger, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • 2011- Chris Heil, Wisconsin Department of Corrections 
  • 2012- Police Intern Jennifer Cossyleon and Police Intern Julie Knyszek of the Milwaukee Police Department
  • 2013-
  • 2014- John Ferak, Gannett Wisconsin Media Investigative Team
  • 2017 - DNA Analyst Sharon Polakowski- WI State Crime Laboratory
  • 2017 - Forensic Senior Criminalist Meghan Jones - Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations
  • 2017 - Criminalist Stacy Hirschman - Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations
  • 2019 - Jayme Closs - In recognition of for her bravery and assistance in solving her parent's murder


Past President Award

  • 1997- Richard A. Luell
  • 1998- Edward M. Anderson
  • 1999- Daniel S. Craft
  • 2000- Gregory J. Strohm
  • 2001- Robert S. Quant
  • 2002- James A. Kindt
  • 2003- David C. St. John
  • 2004- William Warmington
  • 2005- Andre' Antreassian
  • 2006- William Greening
  • 2007- Charles Jones
  • 2008- Steve Daniels
  • 2009- Joeseph Krieg
  • 2010- James C. Holmes
  • 2011- Dana Ackman
  • 2012- Marty Altstadt
  • 2013-Wayne Smith
  • 2014-Robert Malasuk
  • 2015- Kurt Meyer
  • 2016 - Ann Golombowski
  • 2017 - Chris Moews
  • 2018 - James Hensley
  • 2019 - Dave Carlson
  • 2020 - No Change due to Covid
  • 2021 - No Change due to Covid - Virtual Conference


Past Board of Director's Award

  • 2006- Steve Conradt; John Hanrahan; Robert Malasuk; Joseph Krieg; Wolfgang Nitsch
  • 2007- David Carlson; Terry Moede; James Holmes; Marty Alstadt; Shawn Haney
  • 2009- Jeff Wolf (6 years); Tracy Finch (3 years)
  • 2010- Randall Giese; Andre Antreassian; William Warmington 
  • 2012- Allen Kraeger; Charlie Jones; Thomas Baudhuin
  • 2013-
  • 2014-Charlie Flad;  Terry Moede;  Wolfgang Nitsch
  • 2015-Darold Krueger, Tom Fassbender, Lindsey Michels
  • 2019 - Richard Wright, Ryan Rosenow, Matt Bell, Ann Golombowski, Kurt Meyer

Prosecutor of the Year Award 

  • 2004- District Attorney Randy Schneider- Racine County 
  • 2007- District Attorney David Wambach- Jefferson County
  • 2008- District Attorney Kenneth Kratz- Calumet County
  • 2009- District Attorney Jill Falstad- Marathon County 
  • 2010- Assistant District Attorney Michael Luell- Racine County
  • 2011- Assistant Attorney General David Wambach- State of Wisconsin
  • 2012- Kenneth Heimerman Marathon County District Atty Office
  • 2013-
  • 2014-Mark Williams, Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office
  • 2015-Scott C. Blader, Waushara County District Attorney
  • 2016-Vincent Biskupic, Special Prosecutor (Ret.)
  • 2017 -
  • 2018 -
  • 2019 - ADA Sara Hill - Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office
  • 2020 - Waukesha County District Attorney Susan Opper
  • 2021 - AAG Dick DuFour