Michael Vendola Death Investigator of the Year - Awarded to the member that goes above and beyond normal duty in a death investigation, or contributes greatly beyond the normal scope to the area of death investigations.

President's Award - Awarded to the member who is instrumental in the association and performs duties of exceptional nature for the Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators.

Medal of Honor Award - Awarded to a member for bravery beyond that of the members normal duties which subjected the member to a risk of personal injury or death.

Meritorious Service Award - Awarded to a group of members or a team of investigators from a department or from assisting departments who demonstrates the highest degree of professionalism in their respective positions during an investigation or during a multijurisdictional investigation.

Distinguished Service Award - Awarded to a member who is about to retire from the law enforcement profession and has shown the highest degree of professionalism during that member's career.

Public Service Award - Awarded to an associate member or non-member in appreciation and recognition for assisting law enforcement in such a manner that was highly instrumental in the conclusion of a death investigation.

W.A.H.I. Memorial - Awarded to the family of a member who passed. Also the member's name would be added to the Association's Official memorial plaque.

Prosecutor of the Year - Given to a prosecutor in recognition for service performed on a single case or for their entire body of work.