Aquatic Crimes against Children by Caregivers

I am working on a research project for an American Academy of Forensic Science presentation on the subject of aquatic caregiver crimes against children and need more case histories and would very much appreciate hearing from you if you have worked, or know about, cases in the following categories:

·        Punishment (such as dunking or pour water over the airway);

·        Pedophilia that occurred in the bathtub or other water environment;

·        Aquatic Sexual Sadism (submerging or drowning victims for the sexual gratification of the offender);

·        Birth Homicides that result in the infants being submerged in toilets or bathtubs etc…;

·        Munchhausen by Proxy (children who are made apneic or ill by airway submergence or when offenders dramatically save children from drowning that is staged by the offenders);

·        Homicide (children are killed on land and then staged as accidental drowning victims or children are killed by drowning that is staged as an accident.)

This research will be presented at the AAFS Annual Meeting in February 2017, so time is of the essence. Any help you can give would be invaluable to help shine light on this under-researched area  with the mission of assist investigators with current or future cases. If you can pass this request to your colleagues as well I would be grateful.

Stay safe always,  Andrea Zaferes ; cell 914-388-1729;  Office: (845) 657-5544