Another arrest in Rhinelander murder

RHINELANDER (WAOW) -- There has been another arrest in a 2003 Rhinelander cold case.

Rhinelander Police say Shannon Wolf has now been arrested in connection with the death of Kenneth Wells. 

Initially, the death of Wells was thought to be drowning after they found him dead in the Wisconsin River, but the case has reopened after Rhinelander police learned new information.

 In January, Latoya Wolf was charged with participating in first-degree intentional homicide. She told investigators she witnessed the killing of her uncle.

"On January 16th, 2015, Latoya Wolf was placed in custody for being a party to the crime of first degree intentional homicide in the death of Kenneth Wells," said Rhinelander Police Chief Mike Steffes said last month.

 A criminal complaint says in June of 2003, Latoya Wolf was out at several bars in Rhinelander, when authorities say an argument started between Wells and another man.

 The complaint says Latoya Wolf admitted to watching three men drag wells from a parking lot to a bridge, hit him with a rock, put a bag over his head and then kick him. She told police Wells kicked back, but he eventually stopped, and the men pushed him down the rocks into the river.

The Rhinelander police chief says this case was reopened twice, once in 2012 and just recently.

Anyone with information about Wells's death is asked to call the Rhinelander Police Department at 715-365-5300.