Accused in murder of roommate, Jacob Rogers in court Thursday

RACINE (WITI) — Racine police on Tuesday night, March 3rd were able to take 27-year-old Jacob Rogers into custody. Rogers was wanted in connection with the shooting death of his roommate, 27-year-old Andrew Jones. It’s a murder police say was caught on video.

This case involved a lot of drama that played out on Facebook. Even as law enforcement officials searched for him Tuesday afternoon, Rogers was posting on his very public Facebook page — even seeming to confess to the crime. This, as others commented, angry with what Rogers has allegedly done — encouraging him to turn himself in.

Rogers turned himself over to authorities near 21st and Kearney in Racine Tuesday night. With him was his 22-year-old girlfriend Katelyn McGraw. Police had considered Rogers to be armed and dangerous, and McGraw potentially endangered.

Police say negotiators talked with Rogers by phone, and they then arranged for his peaceful arrest.

Rogers has been charged with first degree intentional homicide in the shooting death of Andrew Jones. It happened inside the Allergro Apartments on 3 Mile Road and Erie Street in Racine. A criminal complaint filed against Rogers says the shooting was captured on video, as the apartment was wired for video.

As police looked for Rogers, his Facebook page, which has since been taken down, was very active. On Tuesday afternoon, Rogers posted a message that said: “There’s the truth. I DID IT.” He then seemed to explain why: “Stole money n threatened the wrong person. I’ll surrender when they find me.”

Jesse Salazar has followed the drama. He’s posted his own stories on a Facebook page for teens wanting to avoid a life of crime. Salazar says he served time with Rogers at the Kenosha County Detention Center in 2011. Salazar for stalking, and Rogers on a drug charge.

“I knew he was capable of doing something, but I didn’t know when, what, why, or how.”

“I knew he was capable of doing something, but I didn’t know when, what, why, or how. He has talked about hurting people. He has talked about being in gangs. He has talked about running people out of their houses,” Salazar said.

Salazar says the two spent time together while in jail, but they only had limited contact in the past few years. Salazar says he’s writing a letter to the judge saying he believes Rogers should never be let out.

“We are against offenders who commit horrific acts and great bodily harm,” Salazar said.

Rogers is expected to make his initial appearance in court on Thursday, March 5th — the same day a vigil is planned in Andrew Jones’ honor outside the apartment where he was killed.