President's Letter

I am both honored and privileged to assume the role of President of the Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators. I truly believe this association provides the very best training and education in the entire state of Wisconsin for law enforcement officers who are tasked with investigating homicides. The quality of this training is solely due to the dedication and hard work from the members of the Board of Directors. I have the luxury of being surrounded by a Board of Directors whose commitment to this association is second to none.

Last month we hosted our Annual Training Seminar at The American Club Conference Center in Kohler, WI. Personally, I believe this conference was one of the best we’ve hosted to date. The training was focused on domestic terrorism, which unfortunately has plagued our country as of late. Not only did the presenters provide training that was both captivating and relevant, they also presented numerous incidents that were taken from news headlines from all across the country. In addition to the incredible training, the facilities and staff at The American Club are literally the best in the state, and they certainly did not disappoint. A huge “Thanks” goes out to Wayne Smith, who first dreamt-up the idea of holding the conference at The American Club, and then continued to work on it until he was able to make it happen. In addition to Wayne, every single one of the other Board members contributed and worked hard to ensure the conference was truly special. The vendors who were present at the conference were handpicked because their businesses are relevant to the work we do while investigating homicides. The money derived from the vendors, as well as the money raised through the raffle sales, help offset the costs of the presenters and their travel expenses.

Never before has the job of a Law Enforcement Officer been more difficult. This fact, combined with the horrific number of homicides which is on the rise each year, the ever changing world of technology, coupled with the constant decreases in police personnel, along with less and less money available to investigators makes investigating homicides more and more difficult. But we don’t take on this task because it’s easy. We take on this task to bring justice to those who have been killed, to bring closer and some sense of comfort to the families and friends of those who have been killed, and to put bad people in prison for a very long time so they are unable to do the same to other members of our communities. A long time ago, someone a lot smarter than I, said that investigating homicides is the most noble thing a person can do. That person was right. We fight for those who can

no longer fight for themselves. My goal as President of this association is to continue to provide the very best training possible to help educate those who take on this task, those who are homicide investigators.

You can support this organization by attending the annual training conference, while encouraging others to attend as well. Next year’s conference will be held April 24th through April 27th, 2018 and we will once again be back at the Kalahari Resort and Conference Center in the Wisconsin Dells. The theme of the conference, and the presenters will be announced soon. I hope you will be able to attend. In addition to the annual training conference, we also offer one-day training events, which are held in various locations around the state, typically in the late Summer or early Fall. These are yet another great way to receive quality training and education to help with the job you have been tasked with. We are always looking for new members to the Board of Directors, so if you feel this may be something you would be interested in, please let us know. Our website and Facebook page are constantly being updated to help keep you apprised of homicide investigations and on-goings around the state within the law enforcement community, as well as the activities of this association. Please feel free to visit them both, and do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance you may need in your investigations. Remember, we are all on the same team, our badges just may look a little different.

Please stay safe while you continue to do the exceptional job you all do. You are truly the most honorable men and women in law enforcement!

Sincerely, James Hensley 

W.A.H.I. Wants You for a Board of Director Position

The WAHI Board of Directors is seeking interested members to join the Board of Directors. We ask any member in good standing that wishes to become more involved in your organization to seek election to the Board of Directors (BOD). Elections are held at the annual meeting.  The annual meeting is at the start of business on the Wednesday of the annual conference.  If interested or if you wish to nominate a member contact BOD Chris Moews.  

BOD history:  Beginning in 1996, the Board of Directors shall consist of fifteen (15) members. They shall be elected for a period of three (3) years and shall hold office and execute their duties until their duly-elected successor has been named. The Board of Directors shall be divided into such groups so that one-third (1/3) of the Board shall be elected at each of the annual conferences. Candidates for election to the Board of Directors shall be chosen by the Nominating Committee, (to be appointed by the President). In addition, any member of the Corporation may nominate a candidate for the Board of Directors by submitting the name of such nominee pursuant to the guidelines established by the Nominating Committee, such guidelines being approved by the Board of Directors. Any person so nominated shall remain in nomination unless such nomination is declined before nominations are closed. Nominations from the floor shall not be accepted We look forward to seeing you at this years conference.